Fringe Media Centre Launched For The 2008 Edinburgh Festival

  • An innovative approach to promoting festival participants
  • An all in one dynamic Virtual Stage for individual shows

    Fringe Media Centre
    Edinburgh, July 2008
    Contact: 0131 208 5558

    A new and innovative independent company offers festival participants an all inclusive and economic approach to publicity and promotion strategy

    Fringe Media Centre launched its 2008 website ( today. Packed with the latest Internet gadgets, the idea for the FMC was inspired by the festival artists’ demand for more affordable advertising leading up to the Fringe, the need for more efficient marketing, and an effective way of ensuring a sold out show with a captivated audience.

    An option which unlike paper–based publicity material can be updated as festival progresses keeping content fresh and offering dynamism, as new reviews come in and events occur.

    F.M.C. provides this facility with a variety of features for each artist including podcasting, video posts, RSS news feeds, blogs, slideshows, e–mail accounts, links to add their ‘WebStage’ to social networking sites and to ticket reservations. The personalised ‘WebStage’ for each show allows them to communicate with audience, critics and sources for future funding.

    The main website will publicise the artists even further and it is developed to provide the public with a source of information about the Fringe to reflect the city’s atmosphere.

    What if you could reach your target audience before they even leave their homes?

    An eco–friendly option: Artists performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August have a new, green way to draw in potential audience. In keeping with Edinburgh’s effort to become more environment friendly, FMC’s approach uses a bare minimum of print advertising.

    The website enables artists to effectively reach their target audience without the exorbitant costs, time expenditure, unproductive results and general clutter that are created by using flyers and posters.

    Website subscribers have the added advantage of updating their media and feedback on their pages throughout the festival. The RSS News Feed keeps the audience up to date with reviews, and using their blogs, artists maintain a live communication link with their potential audience. This also gives the audience a chance to post their prays, BEFORE IT COMES OUT IN THE NEWS!

    Other Features include: Show Details, Podcasting Facilities, Video casting Facilities, Individual contact Form and Email Inbox, Slideshow of Images, Four tabbed pages of Introduction/quotation/brief, Live Google Map, Updates to the stage during the festival 2008 and diary linked to ticket reservation services.

    Fringe Media Centre

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