The Big Bite–Size Breakfast Show
White Room Theatre and Film
Venue: Roman Eagle Lodge (The Lodge)

 Aug 1 – 3
 Aug 4 – 24
 Time: 10:30
Award–winning and finalist 10 minute plays from the international competitions of the world! Drama! Comedy! Suspense! ‘A bountiful, brilliant feast!’ (EdFestGuide). Five delicious plays–a–day served with quality coffee and breakfast snacks at the New World Festival Hub!

* * *

One Day I’ll Go To Compostela
Marie Celine Lachaud
Venue: Hill Street Theatre

 Aug 1 – 25
 Time: 14:00
What drives a French woman to change plans from hiking in the South of France to following an elderly Englishman on a pilgrimage. A funny tale full of unexpected and moving revelations.

* * *

Lamp Lighters Productions
Venue: Zoo Southside & The Laughing Horse

 Aug 4 – 5, 11 – 12,
 18 – 19, 25
 Time: 18:00

 At The Laughing Horse  Aug 11 – 16
In this darkly comedic solo show, Elona wants to know her estranged Balkan family. But when she discovers they have a ritual she may not be able to accept, she realises that having family might not be that great.

* * *

Dear Heart & Here To Stay
Agelink Theatre
Venue: ACT – IV @ The Radisson

 Aug 13 – 19
 Time: 17:30 – 14:30
A real love story based on WWII letters from a young London bride to her POW husband in Java. Both heartrending and joyous, the play captures the hope and despair of lovers separated by war.

The sad and funny stories of European migrants to Western Australia after WWII are accompanied by music and song.

* * *

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