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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007
Croc Doesn’t Eat Chicken!
Roger Jenkins

Act–IV @ The Radisson
Holyrood Room, 80 High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1TH

0131 226 000

Date: Aug 13, 14 – 19
Time: 11.30 (55 mins)
Ticket: £7.50 (£6.50 ) (£24.00 Family)

A professional Singaporean storyteller shares favorite Asian folktales. Stories of universal wisdom for adults too! By a teller known for comedy, characterisation and spontaneous interaction

“What is told mouth to mouth lives forever”, Vietnamese saying

Croc Doesn’t Eat Chicken!

Roger’s version is from Malaysia: hungry crocodile wants to crunch juicy chicken but as she’s about to gulp her down, chicken pleads, “Don’t eat me – don’t eat your little sister!” What a problem for croc (not the jungle’s brainiest creature!) Is she really her sister? Or is this a trick? (After all, she’s got feathers, croc’s got fur.) It takes croc’s friend iguana the lizard to provide the surprising answer.

Zoologists may disagree, but audiences everywhere realise that it’s not the feathers/scales that divides them but being egg–laying creatures that unites them.

Father Of Aloi Goes Hunting

From the Dayak of Sarawak, a tall tale of the lazy Father of Aloi who goes hunting with his blow–pipe and finds himself flying with the birds. When he returns to earth, he is mistaken for a god. It takes a short sharp ‘blow’ from his wife (with the help of the pipe!) to really bring Father of Aloi down to earth!

Beware The Uwabami

The uwabami is a Japanese creature able to change shape. When it confronts a young Noh actor, he uses his masks to convince the uwabami that he also possesses great powers. Not only does the quick–witted actor escape, but he also manages to arrange a dramatic reversal of fortune.

The Magic Paintbrush

Ma Liang is a Chinese boy who loves to paint. Given a magical brush that creates pictures that leap to life, he helps the poor by painting a chicken (for fresh eggs) an axe (for cutting firewood.) Commanded by the Emperor to paint a tree of golden coins, Ma Liang refuses – and finds a new use for his magic paintbrush for the benefit of everyone (except the Emperor!)

Roger Jenkins

A Singaporean named Jenkins?! I was born in Singapore (RAF parents) but grew up in England. I returned to Singapore as a drama teacher in 1978 – and I’m still there. I took up my birthright in 1992 – which meant giving up my British passport as Singapore doesn’t allow dual nationality.

I have been telling professionally stories since 1998, when I was invited to conduct a Storytelling course for teachers by the Ministry of Education In-Service Training branch. Since then, over 1,100 teachers have taken the course, evidence of its on-going popularity and practicality.

In 2003, the National Book Development Council of Singapore invited me to co–ordinate its inaugural public showcase at the Asian Congress of Storytellers. Full–houses of adults and children gave all of us a standing ovation. As a result, I hosted and co–ordinated the Showcases from 2004 – 06. Through the Festival I’ve been privileged to tell alongside Margaret Read MacDonald, Dianne Ferlatte, Dan Yashinsky, Karen Tovell, Fran Stallings, Linda Fang, Antonio Rocha, Cat Weatherill, Cassandra Wye, Daniel Morden and many other exceptional tellers.

Welcome to Roger’s blog!

This is where I get to tell you my own story – what it’s like to be back in the UK and performing after 29 years away!

In the process I’ll tell you about my Festival experience! And hopefully share something about Singapore too.

If you’ve seen my show I’d like to know which stories you liked (and which ones you think I should have left behind in Asia!)

Use this link: I love your show! and send me your comments. I promise to read them all – but only post the best.

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Croc doesn’t eat chicken!
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